EMDR Asia(2014年1月9日~12日)

Dear colleagues,

As the time is approaching close for Phillipines conference (10th -11th Jan 2014) we need your support for encouraging your colleagues to participate. We are pleased to inform you that now there is remarkable progress underway and would like to seek your support throughout this preparatory phase.

We now have the program schedule which is attached for your information. As you would notice that there are several sections with thematic bifurcations where the participants from your country can contribute. The program schedule and brochure with the registration fees is available as a download from http://emdr-asia.org/.

Members from several Asian countries will be presented during this conference and there is curiosity about the developments of EMDR in your countries and your contribution. It is an opportunity to share with the large group about your work done individually, in groups or as an organization. The sections on Symposia is specially designed and opened to all country members. We request you to encourage your colleagues to participate for the same.

We would like to receive more papers and presentations from your country and request you to encourage the members from your country to participate actively. We request you to post the draft agenda on your website and circulate with the fellow members of your country so that interested participants can send more paper/poster presentations, symposia presentations. The last date for sending your papers/ presentations/ symposia write-ups is 31st August 2013. Kindly cooperate and help us to make this conference a great event.

We also urge you to encourage your colleagues to expedite registration and to prepare for their travel. For most countries there is visa on arrival, however, please check from the website about the visa procedure for entering Indonesia and accordingly arrangements have to be made.

Marciel/Jenelyn from the Philipines along with her team is working around the clock for logistics and all organizational issues. Please register your participation through website (http://emdr-asia.org/) or contact her through email (emdrasiaconference@yahoo.com).

During the conference we will proceed in establishing a formal EMDR Asia Association and will plan to hold an election to select future office bearers for the organization. The preparations are in progress and you will be receiving information on the progress soon.

Please feel free to provide your inputs and suggestions to make this conference a big success. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to approach me.

Looking forward to hear from you at your earliest. Do remember that early bird registration ends on 31st July 2013!